A whole family commitment to train the puppy.
I recommend six sessions after the assessment to see real progress, if it is appropriate.
The puppy will progress from the garden out into the world.

Alternatively, after the initial 'Before out in the world' sessions 1:1, to join the puppy class of six lessons.

Assessment - a written report will be sent following the consultation, If 1:1 is required, I recommend sessions to be individually arranged, to work on the findings of the assessment and the requirements of the owner.
A fully detailed session plan to follow and left with the owner to help until the next session.
Depending on the problem the time will be spent in the garden/house or walking in the street or in the park / field (as long as it is safe to do so). Leading onto a time when the dog can join a small class.
Areas that will be worked on:
Look, sit, flat, down, stay, wait, close(heel), walking with a loose lead, putting on and off the lead quietly, walking through doorways quietly, retrieve, giving up, leave and leave the dog, recall, finally handling by a stranger..

Price Guide
A new dog in the home. 'Before out in the world'

While your puppy is too young to go out, start training at home with a one and a half hour session that will include advice on toilet training, mouthing, getting used to a collar and lead, sit, down and recall.

The younger a puppy begins learning the easier it will be for you to train. Any mistakes you make at an early age, the harder it will be to correct at a later stage. Therefore a plan of action is always the best way to go.
Puppy training package

Save £10 f you sign up for a "Before out in the world" and the six week Puppy Training Classes.
1-2-1 Training Session / Consultation

Three one hour sessions over a 3 week period, held in your own home. This course is designed for those people who prefer not to join group classes and favour an individual approach.

One off Consultation prior to joining the class - to give help and training tips to ease situation immediately. 1-2hrs followed by a written report.

The sessions cover the following basic exercises: Sit, down, stand, walking on a loose lead, wait/stay, leave, greeting without jumping up and handling by a stranger
£60 for three sessions.

New Owners.
Consultation 1-2-1

New owners of rescued or re-homed pets. This course is to develop basic commands for control that are tailored to meet the individual needs, before joining the class.
Old Dogs New Tricks.
A group session for the elderly dog for fun.

No dogs are too old to learn and this might just perk them up. Age 9yrs plus.
Free if he is the second dog in the family.
Otherwise £6 per session.
Behaviour Issues.

Step 1:

A consultation for which I will allow 2hrs in your home, where I will observe your pet and go through a few basic commands if it is safe to do so, whilst listening to your concerns. Following this I will write a full report for you detailing the problems as I see them and planning a way forward to help rectify the problem.
Step 2:

A session between 1 and 2 hrs to begin remediation. Following the comprehensive learning plan from the consultation, explaining how,why and what, we are doing with the various exercises that are tailored for your dog before he /she joins the class.
Classes to be held on Mondays at WINSFORD VILLAGE HALL. Please call for information - £36 for a course of 6 classes, with a manual to help basic training, weekly handouts, structured lessons with guided homework.
Puppies > 1yr; Youngsters; 1yr - 2yrs. Adults; 2 - 8 yrs; Seniors 9yrs > for old dogs new tricks.

Suzy and Canines is a fully insured business. Classes of not more than six dogs at a time is the goal.